Kratom Potentiators

For people on a mission to ultimately achieve the greatest potency when consuming Kratom, you could be asking yourself let’s say “anything could I take with my Kratom to really make the effects stronger?” Do you know the greatest Kratom potentiators?

What are Potentiators?

Potentiators are any drug, chemical or herb which can be included with a supplement to boost its efficacy. Today i will be discussing normal Kratom potentiators that appear to have a popularity for either increasing the durability or Kratom or the length plus some that achieve both. Thus enabling you a far more cost productive and effective method to consume Kratom.

The Top Five Kratom Potentiators 


First on the list we’ve Grapefruit as a double duty Kratom Potentiator. Grapefruit either eaten as is or if you drink grapefruit juice, not merely enhances Kratom’s performance but makes the consequences last longer also. Another advantage of adding grapefruit as a Kratom potentiator is that it generates it simpler to consume because it reduces the bitterness of Kratom when consumed in powder form.

Chamomile Tea 

While chamomile tea will not be reported to bolster the effects of Kratom, it really is well known because of its power to lengthen the duration of its effects. Known because of its relaxing effects, chamomile tea is most popularly combined with Kratom’s fermented strains such as the Yellow Kratom and Chocolate Kratom.


Watercress as a Kratom potentiator may be the little powerhouse quite. Not just does it double the potency of Kratom however it greatly advances the duration as well. Being an ultra-hydrated version of lettuce, watercress also packs a punch having its nutritional profile as its full of cancer and antioxidants fighting compounds. …..

Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne pepper works so well as a Kratom potentiator it is recommended to only put it to use in tiny increments. It is among the strongest potentiators when it comes to increasing potency, but users never have reported any lengthened duration.


Turmeric is becoming Kratom users first choice as a potentiator quickly. It’s known to not just provide the biggest boost in potency but additionally has been noted to make the longest duration of Kratom effects. As well as it is perhaps one of the most used supplements for a laundry listing of health issues. Having its main acting ingredient of Curcumin it’s well known because of its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, plus the known fact that it’s ranked as an extremely powerful antioxidant. So you can’t make a mistake with this specific Kratom potentiator really. Turmeric itself is best generally speaking when taken with BioPerine (black pepper extract) & most Turmeric supplements located on the market today include this potentiator.