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Lola Quick Summary Evaluation

Lola Hemp specializes in the pet industry providing tinctures, soft chews and topicals.

When you buy from them, you’re helping your pets and also helping to support deserving pet shelters and pet rescue organizations. That’s a Win – Win!

In our LolaHemp Review, their premium CBD received world-class status on:

  • Excellent Reputation
  • Purity and Quality
  • Exceptional ingredients and processing
  • Transparency with 3rd party testing
  • Generous Philanthropy
  • Top-notch Customer Service

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Our guide below will help you understand why Lola-Hemp health and wellness products are the best for your dog’s needs. We ordered LolaHemp CBD Oil, Topical Balm, and Soft Omega Chews; and we absolutely love them!

While most LolaHemp reviews are generic, we’re proud to offer first-hand experience to give you the best and most current information possible! From dosing guidelines to charitable support for animal rescues, our expert analysis will provide you everything you need to agree that Lola-Hemp is the best for your pet!

LolaHemp Review

Thank you for reading our comprehensive assessment, we hope you find it helpful and ultimately agree that this company offers the best health and wellness options for your best friends!

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LolaHemp Review

LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs – High-quality Hemp-Extract products from Boulder Colorado coupled with people who focus on pets and only pets; this is the CBD you’ve been waiting for! 

This pet-focused brand is our #1 pick for Dogs!

Extra Strength!

Newly released; this exciting version of their popular formula has a whopping 1800mg of premium CBD!

They included additional CBG in this formulation to provide an even more robust spectrum of cannabinoids & added therapeutic boost.

lola hemp coupon

Lola Hemp Omega Soft Chews

  • Promote Joint & Hip Health
  • Improve Mobility and Boost Energy
  • Support Immune Function
  • Reduce Anxious Behavior
  • Improve Skin & Coat Health
  • Bacon!!!

This new release from LolaHemp is exciting and we couldn’t be happier about it! These tasty, veterinarian formulated bacon flavored chews are a great way to get even the pickiest eater to enjoy the health benefits of organic full spectrum hemp extract along with added omega fatty acids (3, 6, and 9) for optimum health. These treats are grain and soy free which makes them ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

lolahemp topical reviews

Lola Hemp Balm

200mg of lab tested, non-GMO, paraben free, full spectrum CBD balm made from organically grown hemp. Great on dry, chapped, inflamed, itchy, or cracked areas. It can be used on noses, ears, paws, hot spots, rashes, and for wound care.

What is LolaHemp Wellness?

LolaHemp CBD for Dogs Reviews

Joey DiFrancesco is the founder of Lola Hemp for Pets; launched in 2018 in response to customers’ growing demands for a supplement to help with common pet ailments like chronic pain, phobias, aggression and allergies. With high-quality CBD, this pet-focused, philanthropic brand has become a favorite for pet-lovers.

They specialize in the pet industry providing oils / tinctures, soft chews and topicals with a focus on rescue dog charities. This is the best pet CBD oil for many reasons.

Pets Before Profits

From our Lolahemp Review we found them to be a Pets Before Profits company with a strong commitment to animal welfare. They donate a portion of profits and product to animals in need as well as help with fundraising through partners in the animal rescue community.


Veterinarian Formulated for Pets

Formulated by a well respected veterinarian in Colorado, Dr. Robert Silver, with many years of Cannabinoid clinical research experience on cats, dogs and horses. He found full spectrum hemp-extract has more therapeutic value for our pets than isolates.

LolaHemp’s team of Veterinarians continue the great work by ensuring top quality ingredients, safety and effectiveness; and they help educate the public on wellness with pets.

Their proprietary products are made with organically grown Hemp. Their full spectrum Oil is rich with Phytocannabanoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids for optimal therapeutic value. Because their tinctures are virtually free of THC, they will never have an intoxicating effect on your pet. LolaHemp is made to support a happy and healthy pet lifestyle.

Lola Dosage Guidelines

LolaHemp Coupon Code

The Dosage Guidelines are well-done; concise, informative, fun! It actually takes a lot of effort to condense dosing materials for hemp products and intended uses. This is another great example of commitment to customer service and healthy pets.

Final Critique Thoughts

  • Our LolaHemp Review found them to be reputable and trustworthy
  • Mission – to bring education, resources, and high-quality health and happiness to pets everywhere
  • Charity! Donating 1 unit for every 4 sold to a shelter or rescue center
  • When I put the 600mg bottle in my cart and make the purchase, I feel really good that I’m helping rescue dogs
  • Premium CBD
  • 100% Focused on Pets
  • Hand-harvested Hemp
  • USDA-organic
  • 3rd Party Tested and Verified
  • All Natural ingredients
  • Veterinarian Formulated
  • Orders processed and shipped Fast
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
15% Off

The Best CBD for Dogs!

More Less
Doesn't expire

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